Having breakfast while admiring the sunrise on the Egadi Islands will evoke an emotion that will remain in your heart forever.

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The Egadi archipelago is located at the western end of Sicily, a few miles from Trapani, and is composed of the islands of Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, the islet of Formica and the rock of Maraone. The Egadi islands are set in beautiful crystalline waters, and host a rich and varied marine flora and fauna. These characteristics make this archipelago a popular destination for lovers of snorkeling, diving, sailing and yacht charters.

The sea is the prevailing feature, with its cliffs, beaches and coves still intact, where you can swim in clear waters, characterised by the wonderful colours of a sea full of life. But there are also cultural attractions: from the old Florio factory, the largest marine museum in Europe, to the Grotta del Genovese, the most important complex of wall paintings in our country, dating back to the Paleolithic-Neolithic eras. For those who love just the slightest taste of the mountains, Marettimo offers trekking trails, while for the more adventurous in Favignana it is possible to try a sport fishing charter, one of the very few in Italy. There are also numerous excursions in the Egadi Islands suitable for everyone: a visit to the Hypogean gardens, the ascent by donkey to the top of Mount Santa Caterina, and much more. Or you can decide to stay and relax on board your charter yacht and enjoy the Egadi archipelago from the deck.

Due to its geomorphological formation, the island offers both beaches and caves, and Favignana is the perfect destination for those who like a seaside, characterised by clear and transparent waters. The coast of Favignana in fact offers different locations to meet everyone’s tastes: there are beaches with fine golden sand like Cala Azzurra, Lido Burrone, the Calamoni; or picturesque coves of sand and pebbles located in the area of Punta Lunga, Preveto, Faraglioni and Punta Sottile. Here you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets of rare beauty in which the sky is tinged with wonderful colours. We suggest you anchor your yacht or catamaran and dive in this spectacular area.

Very famous is the Grotta del Genovese dating back to the Paleolithic-Neolithic eras, with its splendid graffiti and wall paintings. Go around the island by sailing yacht, motor yacht or catamaran, and enjoy all its colours and shades, taking care to make stops in the most beautiful bays and enjoy the typically Mediterranean panorama. Feel the tranquility typical of the smallest island of the Egadi, where time seems to have stopped. Take a swim in the beautiful waters of Cala Faraglione, Cala Tramontana or Cala Fredda.

Marettimo is the wildest and most untouched of the Egadi, thanks to its remoteness, nature and the limited impact of man on the environment. The sea caves are its flagship, real masterpieces carved by nature over the centuries, such as the Grotta del Tuono or Grotta del Presepe, famous for its stalactites and stalagmites, and the Grotta del Cammello. There are also small and wonderful bays of pebbles accessible by charter yacht tender. The island has small beaches, including the beautiful Cala Bianca and the pretty pebble beach located on the slopes of the Punta Troia promontory. Marettimo offers wonderful experiences for diving enthusiasts, namely diving off the coast where the wreck of a merchant ship is located, or a 30 metre cave dive.