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Stunning Yacht Charters in the Meditteranean for Residents of the USA

For a unique combination of adventure, culture steeped in a rich history, and an extravagant (but healthy) cuisine – consider a vacation on a charter yacht in the Mediterranean; there is no better way to experience the beautiful coasts and islands,  among the friendly locals. Not only is the Mediterranean climate superbly suitable for sailing, a holiday around the coasts of France, Italy, Greece or Turkey offers you the opportunity to taste Europe’s rich heritage, live like royalty and attend unique events.  Whether you prefer to admire incredible natural landscapes, experience history and culture, or just want to go somewhere glamorous to be pampered, a tailormade itinerary will be sure to suit you.

The Mediterranean climate with its mild to cool winters and warm to hot, dry summers is well suited to sailing – offering both calm and warmth for those wishing to explore all that the islands have to offer, and strong winds for those looking for speed and exhilaration. Situated south and west of continental Europe it is a partly enclosed sea which means it is sheltered from extremes of temperature, with July and August being the hottest months. The sailing season typically begins in April and runs through to September, but most yachts are available at other times too.

Wherever you choose to spend your vacation, sailing around the Mediterranean in your private charter yacht, with a personalised itinerary, offers you the opportunity to reach secluded coves and nature reserves that others can only dream of. The clarity of the water in the neon blue sea, is perfect for diving and snorkelling, and in the evening you can expect to see spectacular sunsets as you settle down on board for your specially prepared apertifs.

Visit exclusive and idyllic destinations around the Mediterranean, sampling the diverse local culture, and enjoy the freedom that chartering a luxury yacht affords. There are so many different cultures to discover, relics to admire and historical mysteries to unearth, owing to the many different races that have laid claim to parts of the Mediterranean in the past.

The Mediterranean has the advantage of superb locations being in close proximity, so a tailor-made itinerary can rapidly transport you from an island’s hidden gems with their tiny local cafes and eateries, to ports packed with top class restaurants, bars and shops.  Of course each yacht has its own star rated chef,  who will take advantage of the availability of fresh local ingredients  to cook your personal favourites or famous dishes of the region.

Many European countries are proud of their royal heritage and along the Mediterranean coast you can rub shoulders with the rich and famous, and visit the palaces of Kings and Queens, past and present. There is no shortage of mystery and history in locations around the Mediterranean, so be prepared to be surprised by stories your crew will want to share with you.

If you would like the excitement of a Sailing Yacht charter our crewed yachts range from the classic to contemporary and performance yachts too, so you can choose whether you want the thrill of racing or a slower pace of life. Or you may prefer the freedom that a powerful Motor Yacht offers, and to visit world famous events, for example along the French and Italian Riviera, from the privacy of your own vessel. Of course most of the yachts offer use of their diving and snorkelling equipment, as well as inflatables and motorised water toys. There is no shortage of things to entertain you both onboard and afloat.

If you live in the USA and want a Yacht adventure, prime Locations to Charter in the Mediterranean are:

Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are full of surprises and contrasts and will overwhelm with the beauty of the landscape. The coasts and the seabed are amazing but also the interior of the islands is full of charm: impressive volcanos always active, bizarre rock formations, dense vegetation, prehistoric villages and archaeological treasures.

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Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a natural paradise so this magical place is a World Heritage site. It hangs like a balcony suspended above the cobalt blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea covering Italy’s west coast from the Gulf of Naples to the Gulf of Salerno. The beaches along the coast are perfect and a yacht charter trip will allow you to discover coastal hideaways, often unreachable from the mainland.

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Balearic Islands

A meeting point of culture, social life and nature, transparent water and shores with delicate colours make this archipelago a perfect destination for a luxury yacht charter. The archipelago consists of Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, each with its unique emotions and experiences. Situated east of the Spanish coast, the temperate climate guarantees almost 300 days of sunshine throughout the year.

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The third island of the Mediterranean with its remote beaches and stunning coasts also boasts fashionable cities and dense forests with rocky mountains inland. Almost half of the island is parkland including hiking trails, and the challenging GR 20 path. While Corsica has been part of France since 1768, it retains a strong Italian cultural heritage.

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Egadi Islands

The Egadi archipelago located west of Sicily, is set in crystalline waters, and hosts a rich marine flora and fauna, making it a popular destination for lovers of snorkeling, diving and yacht charters. With its cliffs, beaches and coves you can swim in the colourful clear sea, teeming with life. Cultural attractions range from the largest marine museum in Europe, to a complex of wall paintings dating back to the Neolithic era. If you prefer adventure, there are many mountain trekking trails and sport fishing charters available.

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French Riviera

The Côte d’Azur possesses all the right ingredients for the perfect holiday: crystal clear sea, white beaches, good food, lively cities with buzzing night life, villages perched on high and showcased art and archaeology.With a varied itinerary of exciting activities the French Riviera is the ideal destination for this unforgettable experience whether aboard a motor yacht, a sailing yacht or a catamaran. Menton, Montecarlo Monaco, Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Saint-Paul de Vence, Saint-Tropez await you.

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Portofino and Cinque Terre

Breathtaking natural scenery with cliffs overlooking the sea alternating with the small coastal towns of Liguria, attracts yachts each year to one of the most popular destinations in Italy and the Mediterranean. The beauty of the Ligurian coast with Portofino and the famous Cinque Terre has bewitched rulers, writers and celebrities over many years, along with the warm Mediterranean climate, picturesque cities by the sea and the union of old and new. 

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Luxury hotels, sparkling nightlife, select boutiques, and elegant soirees, an exclusive holiday in Sardinia offers many places to relax. In the emerald sea there is always enough wind for lovers of sailing, kite and windsurfing, and the west coast is paradise for surfers, with its fast waves and tubes that can reach four metres. The Costa Smeralda is of inestimable natural value, such as Cala di Volpe, a natural harbour where they filmed some scenes of the Bond film ‘ The Spy Who Loved Me ’.

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Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands so the options of places to visit are endless. It is an ancient land boasting curious archaeological sites, popular beaches, several archipelagos and islets- all perfect places to discover during a fabulous charter yacht holiday. Sicily offers an all-year-round appeal, thanks to its perfect mix of mild climate, history, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, vibrant nightlife and a warm atmosphere.

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Tuscan Archipelago

Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri and Gorgona are the 7 beautiful islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, a perfect place for a charter yacht vacation visiting each island to discover their unique personality and characteristics. Famed for their rich variety of natural environments, vegetation, culture, history and arts, these islands are like pearls in the Mediterannean Sea.

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