Portofino & Cinque Terre

One of the most popular yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean

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Breathtaking natural scenery with cliffs overlooking the sea alternating with the small coastal towns of Liguria, attracts yachts each year to one of the most popular destinations in Italy and the Mediterranean. The beauty of the Ligurian coast with Portofino and the famous Cinque Terre has bewitched rulers, writers and celebrities over many years, along with the warm Mediterranean climate, picturesque cities by the sea and the union of old and new.

You will be sure to enjoy the delicious meals aboard our charter yacht, but for a pleasant evening out, let yourself be enchanted by the flavours of the Ligurian cuisine: fresh fish, shellfish, tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, typical local pasta and the beloved Genovese pesto.

Visit charming Camogli, an old fishing town sprinkled with brightly coloured houses and attractions such as Castello Della Dragonara. Food lovers must try Revello Focacceria for the best foccacia in town! On the second Sunday of every May, Camogli hosts a traditional festival: Sagra del Pesce, that celebrates the bounty of the sea. In August there is the Festa della Stella Maris and if you are chartering a yacht you will love the visual spectacle of boat parades and candles floating on the water.

Portofino is probably one of the most fascinating coastal places in the Mediterranean. With high rocks and set in a sheltered cove, it is surrounded by old coloured buildings and terraces full of vegetation. For decades it has been the focal point of the international jet set.
Many visitors do not go beyond Portofino port and the Piazzetta, but with a charter yacht along the Italian Riviera it is extremely easy to get to places of extreme beauty, not only in summer, but also in spring or autumn. You will be enchanted by this picturesque coastline decorated with hidden villas and natural landscapes with small restaurants set between the mountains and the sea, perfect for wonderful candlelit dinners.
We suggest you visit the Lighthouse of Portofino, located on the promontory beyond the Church of San Giorgio.

Rapallo is a must to visit, with its varied and unusual attractions. If you want to stretch your legs a little, we suggest you to take a walk on the famous seaside promenade that was frequented by people like Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound. Or take a stroll through the city centre to admire the pretty frescos on the walls of the city’s historic buildings. Another local attraction is the 16th century funicular that will take you to the gates of Our Lady Montallegro Sanctuary. If you do not want to leave your private yacht, you can always moor in the beautiful bay in front of San Michele di Pagana and have a relaxing swim.

Centred on a small peninsula and divided by two bays, Sestri Levante has almost the charm of Portofino and outside the summer season, tourists are hard to find. But the shops are not lacking! We suggest you seek out Via XXV Aprile and appreciate the pastry shops and souvenir shops. The city remains an attraction for the luxury yacht charter, so stop by and enjoy with your family the little unknown sandy beach in the Bay of Silence.

Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore are the five villages of the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The charter yacht is the best way to discover the distinct charm of these places surrounded by a perfect postcard coast, old churches, citrus groves and small paths overlooking the sea. There are so many wonderful places to see in this region, which we encourage you to come and discover for yourself, courtesy of the freedom afforded you on board one of our charter yachts.

Portovenere is easily reached from the Gulf of La Spezia, and the arrival by a charter yacht offers spectacular views. In the distance the colourful fortress can be seen from the Golfo dei Poeti. The city takes its name from the Latin “Portus Veneris“, which means “The port of Venus”. Do not forget to visit the temple, in fact the Church of San Pietro is located right where the temple of Venus was once located.