The sea fades from turquoise to emerald green, the rocks carved by the wind, this charming and beautiful landscape is ready to be unveiled.

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Luxury hotels and residences, sparkling nightlife, select boutiques, aperitifs and elegant soirees. An exclusive holiday in Sardinia, offers many places to relax.
The fame of the Costa Smeralda is owed to its places of inestimable natural value, such as Cala di Volpe, an exclusive natural harbour where some scenes of the James Bond filmThe Spy Who Loved Me ’ were filmed.

In the emerald sea of Sardinia there is always enough wind for lovers of sailing, kite and windsurfing. When the Mistral sweeps the Mediterranean from the west, the stunning coasts are a must for surfers, with fast waves and tubes that can reach four metres in Capo Mannu. From Buggerru to Funtanamare the west coast is paradise for the most experienced surfers, who are fearless when faced with the power of the sea and the rocky seabed. If you would like to combine this experience with sailing, then this is the right destination!

The city of Olbia overlooks a spectacular gulf, which protects the marine area of Tavolara and gives access to the exclusive Costa Smeralda. On Olbia’s extensive coast, among the myriad of turquoise coves, you will be spoiled for choice as to where to moor your charter yacht. Standing out are the four beautiful inlets of Porto Istana, which fall in the protected area, the Lido di Pittulongu, in particular La Playa – the favourite beach of the Olbiesi. To the north there is a long stretch of coastline where you will find white sand or small pebbles and a crystal clear sea in Porto Rotondo, Marina di Cugnana and Portisco.

The archipelago of La Maddalena is a unique and dreamlike setting. The stories and legends handed down over the centuries mean that its small islands ooze mystery, as they wait to be discovered, so they can show off their inlets and views. The numerous beaches of La Maddalena, characterized by their clear waters make the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday in areas of natural beauty. We particularly recommend the beaches of Bassa Trinità, Cala Lunga and Punta Tegge.

This is the fifth Sardinian city in terms of population after Cagliari, Sassari, Quartu and Olbia, and is the island’s gateway, thanks to the Fertilia airport. It is also one of its most loved places, owing to exciting walks along the port’s ramparts, the red roofs that touch the sky and the spectacular natural inlet overlooking the emerald sea. Its coastline Riviera del Corallo, is about 90 kilometres long, where you will find the largest coral colony of the finest quality. The best known beach is Le Bombarde. With its transparent waters and clear, sandy seabed, it is an ideal destination for families with children, young people and surf enthusiasts.

Lying in the extreme north-western part of Sardinia, Stintino reaches out to and almost touches Asinara. Right there, is its masterpiece, La Pelosa: with its very low backdrop, for tens of metres, of white and impalpable sand, and a placid, translucent sea that dazzles with all its shades of blue. Fishing is the basis of the culinary tradition here: octopus in garlic, stintinese style octopus, lobster soup, tuna bottarga, seafood and fresh fish, have to be tasted in the restaurants along the streets of the village and the coast.

Intensely coloured, clear and bright waters, granite rocks, delightful coves, long stretches of sand, lagoons and green hills. These scenarios are often chosen for commercials, because they infuse unique emotions. Villasimius is the pearl of the south, a dream tourist resort, whose population multiplies in the warmer months. Nonetheless it is worthy of a visit, even better if from your luxury charter yacht, away from the crowds. Its coastline is formed by a ‘crown’ of beaches, interspersed with small cliffs and the promontory of Capo Carbonara.

The Sinis is a natural wonder, where extraordinary cultural testimonies to the past have been revealed. It is here that a farmer ploughing his land at Monte’e Prama discovered the Giants: dozens and dozens of extraordinary stone giants from 3,000 years ago, that can now be seen at the Museum of Cabras.
In the small region of Sinis extraordinarily intact, natural ecosystems are to be found, that make this territory extremely appealing. The alternate landscapes of sea water and lagoon, sand dunes and unrivalled beaches are absolutely beautiful. The glare of the sand is almost blinding because of its transparent quartz grains which are veiled in blue from the reflection of the sea and sky. From the silence there comes the harmonious sounds of the cormorants, herons, hawks, kingfishers and pink flamingos that live here and reproduce by the thousand. It’s a veritable feast for birdwatchers. So too for lovers of horseback riding, who can ride along the sandbanks that divide the waters of the lagoons. Take your charter yacht and come visit this amazing piece of paradise!

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