A fabulous Greek islands yacht charter offers an escape from a busy and chaotic life. From the Ionian to Saronic and Cyclades islands, spend relaxing days exploring wild nature deserted sandy covespretty and harbours and white-washed fishing villages. You can visit ancient ruins: the Acropolis at Rhodes and the Olympian temples at Katákolon and sample greek food at local tavernas or buy super fresh fish from local fishermen. For top brands shopping and gourmet restaurants, discover the boho-chic Mykonos, where you can end the evening dancing in a cliffside disco overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Every part of Greece is different: the views, aromas, the light, the winds.
The islands of Ionian Greece smell of olives, rosemary and stone walls. They are verdant and tranquil with attractive contours.
The nature is majestic, the water transparent, the scents intense, the population hospitable and the honey delicious. The wind from the North West is constant but light; there is no strong Meltemi wind here. The sea is calm and the climate mild so the daytime is great for sailing, and at night the wind drops, giving an almost surreal calm. Here is a real treat for those who love cruising by perusing.
Of the 120 islands that make up the archipelago, only about twenty are inhabited. The larger ones such as Kefalonia guarantee more services and entertainment. The smaller ones have little more than a tiny village with small restaurants by the sea and a single bar. Stay late into the night chatting, while sipping Ouzo, Metaxa or Mastika, the local liqueurs, in an atmosphere where time seems to have stopped.
Every island offers a choice of marinas or coves for the night if you want to spend it under the stars.
The best known islands of Ionian Greece are CorfuPaxosAnti-PaxosLefkasIthacaKefalonia and Zakynthos, but there are many others that are worth a visit. Amongst them are MeganissiOthonoiSkorpioKalamosKastosAtokos.
On the coast, if the conditions allow, it is worth visiting the two little gems of Parga and Mourtos.
The itineraries are flexible, depending on the port of embarkation, the length of your holiday, your personal desires and of course the weather and sea conditions.

We recommend making short hops between the islands of the archipelago, because the real beauty is in discovering new and different places and bays. You must not miss the opportunity to swim each day or stop for the night to enjoy different scenery easily accessible from your charter yacht. With so many sailing destinations available, you are guaranteed a complete seagoing experience. Whether you enjoy relaxed or busy days, a weariness in the evenings would be typical of those who have experienced an emotion filled itinerary.

The Saronic islands are very popular Greek islands for summer holidays and weekend breaks. This is because they are the closest Greek islands to AthensAeginaPorosHydra and Spetses have developed tourism over recent years, while Agistri is not so famous but remains a true gem to explore. The crystal water, the relaxing atmosphere and the long history are the most distinctive characteristics of Saronic Greece.  Each island has a different character; Poros is great for sailing, Hydra has amazing architecture, Spetses is known for its elegant mansions and Aegina is ideal for family vacations.

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